Tuesday, December 12, 2017


As you may recall (HERE HERE HERE), we have a thing for synthmas here at CAGG. So when Osaka, Japan duo Wolfbanke comes along with their Human League/When In Rome-like analog electronic EP, we say HOLY OAKEY! Thanks to everyone who tipped us this gem. Listen to them pairing the Stranger Things theme to Silent Night too, HERE.

Christmas with the cats

Hey Stubby, this one's for you!
Christmas with the Cats by Laurel Minnes is a fun folksy song about the downsides of celebrating Christmas with cats. Hairballs in your stocking, a toppled tree, etcetera. But there's a plus side to it too. PS: don't bother listening to the other tracks on this EP. They're boring.


Sweet-as-cherrywine voices over LOUD FUZZY GUITARS. A winning combination, if you ask us. Horrible/Adorable, made up of guitarist Kristin “Kiki” Petiford and drummer Candice Kuter from Oakland, just released a single with a we've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it-attitude to Christmas, covering Merry Christmas Baby and adding their own (?) 'Santa, Dear', which we love best.

Monday, December 11, 2017

almost that time

A Wild Frontier are a relatively new band from Atlanta. Their debut album was released this year. The duo just recorded a seasonal track, 'Almost Time For Christmas'. If you dig bands like Weezer, check this out.

weird x-mas

Just when you thought you'd heard a lot of strange Xmas music, in walks Mark Mothersbaugh (Yes! Devo!). He's an American painter and musician but most important he was one of the original members of the (art)punk band DEVO. He likes strange and weird music. In 1999 he released an album called 'Joyeux Mutato'. I never saw it, it was strictly limited. This year he did put one of the album tracks on a beautiful looking 7 inch. 'I don't Have A Christmas Tree' is a strange sort of mash up and looks to be a very unusual cover of  'Silent Night'. Also check out the 'stupid' B-side 'Jingles Jingles Jingles'

punky christmas classic

While looking at Youtube for Christmas music I stumbled on this rare footage, from German TV, of the great 1977 punk song 'Father Christmas' by The Kinks. In the UK this single had a fantastic comic cover, also difficult to find.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Last Christmas

There is of course the brilliant Face of a Lover blog, posting the oddest, bestest and weirdest covers out there of Last Christmas. Some of them are on Spotify. I listed 81 versions, HERE. Metal, pop, jazz, soul, electronica, folk, piano, choirs, whatnot?


The Bartlett is a small music venue in Spokane, Washington. Since 2014 they put out Christmas compilations, featuring local talent. #4 is just out, and contains a very cool song by duo Newman, who take their inspiration from Angelo Badalamenti and Cocteau Twins; dark ethereal beauty, then. Also good is the southern gothic country of Runaway Octopus, and the offbeat version of Christmas Time Is Here Again by JT Landy. Check 'm out HERE.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Dixie Dicks

Gotta love them Dixie Dicks. "Straddling the Mississippi from Proctor, AR to Memphis, TN. Topping the charts and bottoming too." This is country for the different good ole' boys. DD released an EP with songs called 'Carol of the Dicks' and 'Pray the Straight Away', only one track is up for free listening, a lyric excerpt:
Cum down my chimney
Slide inside, stroke your dick
by the light of the tree
Cum down my chimney
I'll wake up and see.

Even if it's not your orientation, have a listen:

Randy Spike Conspiracy

Randy Spike is a one man conspiracy, or band, who likes making Burger Records-like indiepunk with smart lyrics - on his debut are songs called Britany Spears will have her revenge on Long Island and My Girlfriend works for the CIA. His just-released Christmas track is noisey in a Wall of Punk-vein. Again, with smart lyrics:

Eugene Kelly & Carla J. Easton

Ah, that Wall of Sound. Very few things say 'Christmas!' as good as a lot of strings, fat drums & heavy guitars as merry ol' Phil's productional invention. Listen to this duet, taken from an interesting looking compilation by Olive Grove Records. Eugene we know from The Vaselines, Carla's a member of TeenCanteen. This sounds classic to us:

Friday, December 08, 2017

Sleigh Shakers

Jingle that bell aloud honey, for the legendary Dutch rebel rousin' Sleigh Shakers are back again! They're rocking around the Christmas tree like there's no tomorrow, with an EP featuring two originals and one Albert King/Mack Rice-revisit. Harmonica Galore! All tracks should be on Soundcloud HERE (keep an eye out), but are on Spotify right now. We like this track bestest:

V.D. King

Already spotted by Mistletunes, this cool Beatlesque Christmas song by Better Off Dead's V.D. King:


Probably up on their Bandcamp later today, but I want to be the first to post this great instrumental souljazz track by smart dressed Dutch jazz outfit BRUUT. I'm a sucker for that organ sound, what can I say?

UPDATE: and on Bandcamp:

Thursday, December 07, 2017

London humor

London duo The Rhythm Method are a funny bunch. Apart from sleigh bells and name dropping, there is a lot of laughing in their seasonal song:  'Christmas Special'. Another funny detail; the video timer says the recording is made on December 25, 2017!

a wise man christmas

Former Late Of The Pier member Samuel Eastgate (aka Sam Dust) now goes under the name LA Priest. If he hears the sound of sleigh bells he transforms in LA Wise Man. And so he wrote this catchy and noise 'All I Want For X-mas Is Rock & Roll'. A great song with echoes of T.Rex and Slade!

Sexy X-mas

About Seattle girl band Thunderpussy, Bandcamp has written: "This new Seattle sex bomb will blow up in your face". Their dress code seems to be sexy, specially during their energetic concerts. For the holiday season they recorded a great version of  'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)', the 1963 Phil Spector classic from Darlene Love. It also features Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.

Miracle Legion

If you know Miracle Legion, you're over 35 years old and have a strong urge to dig deeper when it comes to music. Miracle Legion were a cult band in the 80s, often compared to R.E.M. but never as big. Read Thom Yorke's ode to the band HERE. ML disbanded half way the nineties, but sprang to life in 2016. They released new material, and yes, two Christmas covers. Blue Christmas and The Little Drummer Boy. Truth be told, they're not that brilliant, but the singing is still great, and so is that guitar sound. (I'm playing Closer to the Wall again, what a song!)

Tom Waits

Happy birthday mr Tom Waits!

Remington Super 60

More vintage sounding (or should we say, nostalgic) Christmas pop, here from Norwegian retro-hipsters Remington Super 60. It's a bit desafinado, which we like. And that organ is gorgeous too.